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Picture frame. Pivotable. Lockable.
For all iPad sizes.

sDock Fix
for iPads staying permanently at the wall.
Award winning!


Sleek. Puristic. Lockable.
For all iPad sizes.


Induktives Laden durch die Tischplatte hindurch.

Nachrüsten in einem Schritt. Kein Werkzeug erforderlich. Einfach ankleben, einstecken und aufladen.



Dear customers and business partners,


we have decided not to pursue our inductive charger sDot-IC in this form any further.


We started our sDot project over two years ago. Of course, there were always setbacks during development, but we were always able to solve the problems that had arisen and continuously improved the sDot.


With the new iPhone 12, we are unfortunately reaching our limits. Due to the magnetic ring built inside the iPhone, inductive charging is very difficult. With the sDot, the iPhone 12 can only be used up to charge max. 65%.


We cannot get this phenomenon under control. The problem with inductive charging of the iPhone 12 not only affects our sDot, but is well known worldwide, also with other inductive chargers. Long distance charging (through tabletop), as we planned with the sDot, makes it even more difficult.


These results are not acceptable to us because we are known for offering high quality and flawless solutions.


All in all, it's sad because we've invested a lot of time and money into the development. But better an end immediately before the start of series production than many dissatisfied customers.


Thank you for your understanding.


Your smart things Team


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