sCharge PoE FIT

World first compact Power over Ethernet adapter that finally fits into European flush-mounted boxes.

As a Power over Ethernet adapter (PoE) in accordance with IEEE802.3at (PoE plus), it provides sufficient power even for large tablets and can establish an Ethernet data connection at up to 95 Mbps. Perfect for conference or meeting rooms, sales counters, etc. With just one Ethernet cable, you can supply a tablet up to 100 m away with power and connect it to the Ethernet at the same time. This means you no longer need WiFi. sCharge PoE FIT is compatible with the sDock Fix wall mounts with Lightning® and USB-C connection. (Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab A7)

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s28 C

sCharge PoE FIT C

PoE+ Adapter 22 W, up to 100 MBps, with 40cm USB-C cable


Includes 19% VAT
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s28 L

sCharge PoE FIT L

PoE+ Adapter 22 W, up to 100 MBps, with 40cm Lightning® cable


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sCharge PoE Fit

PoE+ Adapter 22 W, up to 100 MBps


Includes 19% VAT

PoE adapter for 
both wired power + data

s26, s27 und s29 adapters deliver Power and Data to Apple iPads, Samsung Tablets und Amazon Tablets mit Lightning® and USB-C connection.

Power over Ethernet adapter is perfect for conference rooms, kiosks, and anywhere else you need a digital display. You can now use one Ethernet cable to extend power and data to your iPad up to 100m (328 ft) away. This PoE  adapter is designed to deliver up to 25 Watts of continuous power plus wired data to iPad. It is compatible to sDock Fix series.

s26 C

sCharge PoE P+D USB-C

Power+Data PoE Splitter 25W USB-C


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s26 L

sCharge PoE P+D Lightning®

Power+Data PoE Adapter 12W with 90cm Lightning® cable


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s27 L

sPoE P+D 200 MBit + 30 cm Lightning®

Power+Data PoE Adapter with 30cm Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
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sPoE P+D mUSB- Lightning®, flex mfi

Power+Data PoE Adapter. Different Lightning cables available.


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s29 C

sPoE P+GB Data USB-C 40cm

25W Power+Gigabit Data PoE adapter + USB-C cable


Includes 19% VAT

sPoE P+GB Data Adapter

Power+Gigabit Data PoE Adapter 25W


Includes 19% VAT

Power over Ethernet

Installation with a powered switch.

If you can use an existing PoE (Power over Ethernet) network, meaning that a PoE switch delivers power to your Ethernet, only one of our s15 splitters connected to this network will be necessary to power your iPad.

Active PoE splitter

s15 is an active PoE splitter with input of 44 – 56 Volts. IEEE 802.3af compliant.

Power over Ethernet Splitter WT-AF-5V10W Professional solution with Gigabit data. Charge iPads from your existing PoE switch with these 5 volts Power over Ethernet splitter/converters. Normal 5 volts charging cables for tablets won’t work efficiently for more than a few feet, but our 5 volts PoE splitters and PoE kits can run for hundreds of feet. Stream data with an Apple Ethernet to Lightning® adapter for wired data.


s15 C

sCharge PoE 4856 USB-C

PoE splitter 40-56V (10W) with USB-C cable


Includes 19% VAT
s15 L

sCharge PoE 4856 Lightning®

PoE splitter 40-56V (10W) with Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
s15 m

sCharge PoE 4856 microUSB

PoE splitter 40-56V (10W) with micro USB cable


Includes 19% VAT

Power over Ethernet

Installation of a single iPad

If there is no existing PoE network, you will need a power source (Single Port Injector) and a suitable s25 passive PoE splitter

Installation of multiple iPads

With the 60W 8-port Injector Kit si-26-8 up to 8 iPads can be powered very easily and reliable. The s25 passive PoE splitter works either with Lightning® or micro USB connector

Passive PoE splitter

s25 is a passive PoE Splitter WS-PoE-5V-2Amps  for input of 10 – 40 Volts.

Together with a 24 volts Injector power supply and a single or 8 port PoE injector it is an easy power solution for a distance up to 100m (328 ft). Stream data with an Apple Ethernet to Lightning® adapter for wired data.


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s25 C

sCharge PoE 1040 with USB-C cable

PoE spltter 10-30V (10W) with USB-C cable


Includes 19% VAT
s25 L

sCharge PoE 1040 Lightning®

PoE spltter 10-30V (10W) with Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
s25 m

sCharge PoE 1040 microUSB

PoE splitter 10-30V (10W) with micro USB cable


Includes 19% VAT

Power Injectors

Single or 8 port Power PoE injectors for connecting sDock.

These PoE injectors are needed if you have no real PoE Switch in your Ethernet network that delivers power. Those Injectors are available with EU and US plug. They come with 24 volts or 48 volt Injector power supply and they connect up to 8 sDocks. 



Injector 1 port 12W EU

Injector 1 port 12W EU Gigabit Ethernet Ubiquiti


Includes 19% VAT

Injector 8 port 60W EU

Injector 8 port 60W EU with CEE 7/7 power plug


Includes 19% VAT