sDock Fix

Are the sDock Fix mounts rotatable?

No. sDock Fix can only be mounted either horizontally or vertically. 

How is the sDock Fix bracket mounted on a plastered wall?

It is screwed tight on the wall. There are four outer and four further inner holes for this purpose. Flat washers are included so that you can align the bracket horizontally or vertically even with countersunk screws. 

Is the s09 also suitable for the Samsung Galaxy tablet smt580?

Our wall mounts are for Apple iPads only. 

Which RAL tone does the black of the wall bracket correspond to?

The RAL color is between RAL 9004 signal black and RAL 9005 jet black.
The aluminum anodized is matt.

How many flush-mounted boxes do you need for an sDock power supply?

A normal EU flush-mounted box with ø67mm and a depth of approx. 55mm is sufficient for s24_sCharge 12W or s28 _sCharge PoE FIT with Lightning® or USB-C connection. 

Can the microphone and loudspeaker be used with the sDockFix wall mount?

Yes. For example, you can easily have a Skype call on an iPad on the wall.

Can the sDock Fix bracket also be used vertically?

Yes, sDock Fix can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The controls of the iPad remain easily accessible in both options. 

Which sDock Fix is compatible with my new iPad?

All information on this topic can be found on this page

Can you connect headphones while the iPad is in the sDock or is there no space for them?

Headphones cannot be plugged in with our sDock Fix models if the iPad is in the holder. This option is only offered by our wall brackets of the sDock series. However, we generally recommend the use of Bluetooth headphones. 


Do I have to use the charging function? I don't want to do a concealed installation and would therefore take the iPad out of the sDock for charging.

You have to use a flush-mounted power supply. Bracket and power supply are independent of each other. 

What is the difference between the 1st and 2nd generation of the sDocks?

In the 1st generation comes with a built-in electronic in the base of the sDock. Today we only use a well-fixed Lightning® cable, no extra electronics. 

Are the microphone and loudspeaker in the sDock mount usable?

Yes. For example, you can easily have a Skype call on an iPad on the wall.

What colors are the mounts available in? Is there also the option of a special color?

The sDock and sDock Fix are available as standard in the anodized colors silver and black. Special colors are possible. The smaller the number of items, the more expensive it becomes, since the one-off costs then become more significant. Please contact us

Can I also charge a smaller tablet or cell phone in an sDock holder?

You can charge iPhones in the sDocks. There is also a locking mechanism for the picture frame in the rear position. Turning the sDock is then not recommended: the iPhone could fall out in the 90º rotated position. 

Where can I buy individual spare parts?

You can get spare parts directly from us. Write us an email at support@smart-things.comPlease describe exactly your issues and the product. Photos would be useful. 

Are the smart things wall mounts only for Apple iPads?

Yes. Our sDock and sDock Fix models are only designed for Apple iPads.

How long is the supplied USB-A to USB-C cable?

The USB A to USB-C (sXX-08-040) cable has a length of approx. 40cm. The USB A to
Lightning cable (sXX-01-040) also has a length of approx. 40 cm.

Which sDock do I need for my new iPad?

All information on this topic can be found on this page: link 

Welches sDock benötige ich für mein neues iPad?

All information on this topic can be found on this page

sDock nano

For which iPhones is the sDock nano available?

sDock nano is currently available for iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2020) in black. = sDock nano SE 
The sDock nano for iPod Touch will be available in white from September 2021. = sDock nano iPT 

Is the sDock nano secured with a lock?

The sDock nano SE for iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2020) is secured with a smart things key. The sDock nano iPT for iPodTouch is secured with an Allen screw

Netzteile 230V

How big are the threads in the lower sockets on the s24 flush-mounted power supply units?

The deep threaded sockets are M3. Similar to light switches, one could do this here Fasten claws that claw into a cavity box at the side, for example. So it would be one additional fastening option. The screws and claws are not included. 

Can the original Apple charging cables also be used?

The s24 m sCharge 12W microUSB consists of a flush-mounted power supply 12W and a separate, approx. 40 cm long, adapter cable USB to micro-USB. Other cables with a USB connector can also be used.

Does that fit in a 60mm flush-mounted box?

Yes that fits. The box only needs to be 40mm deep. 

Is the USB cable fixed or can another USB cable be used?

The USB-A to Lightning® / microUSB / USB-C is loose – another suitable cable can also be used.

How do you connect the s24 sCharge 12W correctly? Do I really need 2x L and 2x N?

You can connect it as normal with 1 x L and 1 x N. The second connections are bridged and for Series connections thought. 

Can I operate a tablet 24 hours a day with s24 sCharge?

The s24 sCharge 12W power supply delivers an output voltage of 5 volts direct current and 2.4 amps at 230 V alternating current. s24 is therefore suitable for all devices that require such a USB power supply. This is enough for the more powerful, larger iPads with 12.9 “ Continuous operation is not quite enough if you operate it with maximum screen brightness. If you reduce this to around 75%, s24 is also sufficient here.

Will a more powerful in-wall power supply than 12W come on the market?

Yes, a more powerful USB-C UP power supply with up to 20W is on its way. Market launch is expected in early 2022. This product will be called s48_sCharge 20W and will be available in a Lightning®, USB-C and possibly a micro-USB version.

Power over Ethernet

What do I have to consider with the switch for s28?

s28 is intended for PoE + or IEEE 802.3at up to 20V / 1.15A = 25W. For s28 L: not compatible with the sDock series. Do not use an Mfi Lightning® cable, as some Mfi cables do not allow power and data supply via USB-C with the 25W that may be required (e.g. iPad Pro). 

Does the s15 or s25 fit in a normal flush-mounted box?

A double flush-mounted box is required for both the s15 and the s25. We designed the s28 especially for European flush-type boxes. It is very compact and delivers data + power up to 25W. It is therefore strong enough for 12.9 “iPads or other tablets. 

What is the difference between s15 and s25?

The s15 is an active splitter. For the passive model s25, an injector is also available as Electricity supplier needed. 

Will s28 provide power *and* ethernet connectivity to an iOS Lightning device (iPhone/iPad) using a USB-C-to-Lightning cable?

Yes, when used with the USB-C to Lightning cable we offer, it will pass through power and data. Not all USB-C to lightning cables are designed to pass through data, but we designed this one to do so. For USB-C devices we suggest our s28 C with a special USB-C-to-USB-C cable.

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