Our Mission

smart things
for smart devices

The iPhone and iPad have revolutionized the way we use computers. The intuitive touch interface has changed the world. Millions of apps in Apple and Google stores impressively demonstrate the versatility of smartphones and tablets. With many apps you typically have the phone or tablet in your hand. For some scenarios, however, you may want to place the iPad on the table (at an angle) or use it flat against the wall. With our products – smart things – we want to make these uses easier. In order to offer complete solutions, we include power supply and security for the mobile devices, so that in the end we can speak of integration in buildings. The building can just as easily be a ship, a car or an aeroplane. The iPad is an all-purpose machine.

Access Control   Timezone   Shop-Checkout   Time-Tracking   Home Automation Navigation   Music System   Lighting Control   Calendar   Room Management System   News Ticker   Event Registration   Radio   Game Console   Shop   Photo Collection   Camera   Medical   Patient Record   ERP   SmartHome   Catalog   Restaurant Ordering System

How it began

Why are there no iPad wall mounts that look good even without an iPad?

This question led to the founding of smart:)things in 2011.
For several months, the team of the agency ergon3 Design worked on a wall mount whose design concept was convincing even without an iPad. Agency owner Thomas Detemple presented the result to TQ Group owners Detlef Schneider and Rüdiger Stahl. They were so enthusiastic that the joint company smart:)things was founded just one month later. 

“The name of the company is our programme,” explains founder and managing director Thomas Detemple. We develop innovative products with high demands on functionality and design. The focus is on accessories for mobile devices, computers.
The company is based in Gauting near Munich in the middle of Bavaria’s Silicon Valley.

Unsere Partner


The TQ Group is a globally active service provider for electronic assemblies and systems. It regularly ranks among Bavaria’s 50 best companies. TQ supports us in the development and production of electronic components in particular.

ergon3 Design

ergon3 Design does industrial design and specialises in the fields of electronics, industry, transportation and interface. Many of the smart things products have been created with the support of ergon3 Design.