“WatchBase is even more
charging comfort

WatchBase, for charging your Apple or
Samsung Watch
at your Desk.

WatchBase is designed to charge your Apple or Samsung Watch at your desk. Just pull it out from under the tabletop like a Swiss penknife. Its reduced and elegant look fits well with any workspace. The holder WatchBase is compatible to Apple or Samsung Watch Magnetic Chargers. It keeps your watch charged and ready to use. The wireless charger simply disappears again under the table top at the end leaving a neat and tidy environment.

No cables on your desk

Pivotable dock under the tabletop.

WatchBase is a circular-shaped device that is attached to the underside of a table or desk. It has a swivel mechanism that allows it to rotate up to 90 degrees. Within the holder, there is a slot where the watch charger can be inserted and securely held in place.
WatchBase provides a convenient solution for charging your Apple or Samsung Watch without wasting desk space and keeping the charger hidden and out of sight when not in use.

Charging your watch can be so simple

Easy to assemble.

With WatchBase, you can keep your watch right next to you whether you’re working on your laptop, doing some paperwork, or simply relaxing at home. It is user-friendly and can be easily assembled and ready to use right out of the box. WatchBase ensures that your watch remains charged without any fuss or hassle.

What’s in the box?