„PhoneBase is the place to be
for your Phone“

charging station
for every
work place.

PhoneBase is the solution for an inductive wireless charging station at any monitor with USB-A or USB-C port available for smartphones (iOS, Android) that can be charged inductively. The minimal design allows the charging of large and small devices, up to 15W, and no cable will disturb the working surface.

Everything wireless on your desk

Everything wireless.
But the Smartphone?

With the PhoneBase it is easy to access whatever information or data in real time on the smartphone with a clean set up. The adhesive mounting on any monitor with USB-A or USB-C port is possible on the right or left side. This way the smartphone can charge while allowing maximum usage. The right solution for an inductive charging station and perfect during a smart home or office work session. More time and space for other things.

Easy Mounting and smart cable management

The wireless charging station for smartphone PhoneBase is easy to set up and the cable is invisible. 

The adhesive mounting is kinked for good ergonomics and straight for every monitor. Simply stick it on the backside of any monitor for a flat or curved backsides. The inductive charging station comes with height adjustment. This is a unique setup for the respective smartphone, so that the inductive charging coil in the phone matches the charger. If you move the bar to the top position, you can also charge small devices as AirPods. The wireless charging station PhoneBase provides an excellent solution in terms of cable management, with the cable being wrapped up directly behind the screen and held in place by a clip. 

Flat or curved backside

Cable management

Heigh adjustment

Desktop and Smartphone all in one

iPhone and Mac collaboration. 

The wireless charging station for smartphone PhoneBase supports at its best the feature „Continuity“ allowing  to use a Mac together with an iPhone to work smarter between the two devices.  This feature allows to copy a text, images, photos and more from your iPhone and paste them directly onto you Mac, so you don’t need to switch devices. You can use you iPhone as a webcam and receiving phone calls without picking up the phone. 

What’s in the box?