„sDock is the Wall Mount
that looks good even without an iPad“

iPad Wall Mount-Charging Station for a rotatable and flexible installation.

sDock is the rotatable and flexible iPad Wall Mount-Charging Station. sDock Wall Mount is ideal if you need to use your iPad from time to time, but want to have it on the wall as well, for example to charge it. When you put your iPad in the sDock Wall Mount, it can be rotated 90°, if necessary you can also lock it with the included lock. It is perfect for clinic, hospital and your smart-home.






sDock is supplied with a locking system consisting of a lock cylinder plus two keys. This allows the iPad to be reliably secured. Please remember to make a note of the key number. In case of loss, we can then send you a replacement key.
If you need identical keys for a project with several Tablet wall mounts, please contact us directly before the project. 

90° Pivotable.

sDock iPad Wall Mount gives the flexibility of a rotatable installation, allowing them to switch between a horizontal or vertical orientation. Simply insert the iPad and rotate it 90° to get the perfect position and angle. The secure mounting system keeps the iPad stable and secure, and the lightweight aluminum body is stylish and fits in any home or office. Enjoy maximum flexibility while keeping your device safe and secure.

Photo Frame.

The iPad sDock Wall Mount is more than just a Wall Mount for the iPad. When the iPad is removed, the backdrop transforms into a beautiful photo frame and you can admire your favorite photos, providing a stylish and sophisticated background. This dual-functionality adds a unique, customizable touch to any room.

Sleek Design.

Unlike most other mounts with sDock there are not unsightly fasteners, magnets or frames that are seen when the iPad is removed. sDock has an elegant and thick design, perfect for integration into any space. Its classic look, combined with a modern style, will complement any room in your home. 

Cable Management.

The sDock Wall Mount allows an easy and convenient access to all controls and the power button of the iPad. Perfect for charging when mounting your device on the wall. 

sDock explained

Picture Frame

Your favorite photos in style with a wall mount, customizable photo frame.

Without iPad, the iPad Wall Mount sDock is a classy photo changing frame. So you decide for yourself what you look at when the iPad is not inserted in the sDock. It’s an attractive way to display your favorite photos and will look great on any wall. Its versatility makes it perfect for any corporate office or home

Charging the iPad in the sDock

Power supply with 
USB power adapters 110V/230V

The sDock iPad wall mount has a continuous charging function and the iPad battery is always safe. Together with the sCharge 230V USB flush-mounted power supply, it is a truly turnkey solution. sCharge delivers 20W and 12W and is available with Lightning® and USB micro cable. sCharge fits into any European or British standard gang boxe with a minimal depth of 42mm. This product is not available for the US market.

s15 m

sCharge PoE 4856 microUSB

PoE Splitter 40-56V (10W) mit micro USB Kabel


Enthält 19% MwSt.
zzgl. Versand
s15 L

sCharge PoE 4856 Lightning®

PoE Splitter 40-56V (10W) mit Lightning® Kabel


Enthält 19% MwSt.
zzgl. Versand
s25 m

sCharge PoE 1040 microUSB

PoE Splitter 10-30V (10W) mit micro USB Kabel


Enthält 19% MwSt.
zzgl. Versand
s25 L

sCharge PoE 1040 Lightning®

PoE Splitter 10-30V (10W) mit Lightning® Kabel


Enthält 19% MwSt.
zzgl. Versand

PoE adapter for power supply. Ethernet for Tablet, iPad & Co.

The charging function of the sDock Fix Tablet wall mount can be equipped with an Ethernet adapter for a fast network connection. sDock Fix can also be operated with sCharge PoE using our new s28-sCharge PoE FIT. Nevertheless, you can integrate either our s15 active splitters or s25 passive splitters into a „single gang“ backbox. Additionally you can use our Power Injectors or Power+Data PoE adapters.

sDock installation 

What’s in the box?