„Your Smartphone will love
being charged here

Phone Charger 
for flat and curved

PhoneBase is the perfect solution for inductive wireless charging at any monitor with USB-A or USB-C port. Available for all phones (iOS, Android) supporting wireless charging. Also compatible with AirPods and most Earbuds. No disturbing cables on your desk. Whether you are working, playing, or streaming, the PhoneBase ensures that your smartphone is recharged and ready to use at any time.


No extra cable on your desk

Keep your workspace neat and organized.

PhoneBase is an excellent solution in terms of cable management. The cable is rolled up on the backside of the monitor and held in place by an extra clip provided. More productivity through an organized workplace. The smartphone can be easily removed anytime.

Tape on, plug & charge

Tape on

First clean the back of the monitor with the alcohol pad provided and then stick PhoneBase to this chosen spot with the included adhesive tape. It works for flat and curved monitor backsides.

Plug in

Roll up the cable, attach it using the clip provided and plug PhoneBase into the USB-A or USB-C port of your monitor.

Ergonomically Adjustable

Chosse the most appropriate angle. By moving the plastic fixture provided to the top of the charger, you are able to charge AirPods and Earbuds too. PhoneBase can be used on both sides of the monitor.

Desktop and Smartphone together

Sync your smartphone
and Mac or PC.

PhoneBase supports at its best the feature „Continuity“ from IOS and „Microsoft Phone Link“ from Windows allowing you to use a Mac or PC together with the smartphone to work smarter between the two devices. This feature allows to copy and share text, images, photos from your smartphone and paste them directly onto your Mac or PC and receive phone calls without picking up the phone. You can use your iPhone as a webcam. With PhoneBase, you can start work on your laptop, then switch to your mobile and pick up easily where you left off.

Continuity Camera

Use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac. This feature is available only for IOS users

Text Message Forwarding

Send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your smartphone on your PC.

Share your content

Copy text, images, photos and videos, from your smartphone and then paste the content on your PC.

Mobile Calls

Make and receive calls from your PC when those devices are on the same network as your smartphone.

What’s in the box?