“sDock – The Wall Mount
that looks great even without an iPad”

Rotatable iPad wall mount for flexible use of the tablet.

The sDock is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to use their iPad flexibly from time to time. After simply removing the tablet from the holder, a picture frame appears in its place, which you can equip individually. No cables or power supplies are left visible on the wall. Just the photo of loved ones, pet or company logo. The sDock is theft-proof and can be rotated by 90°. In the truest sense of the word, inserting the iPad is child’s play afterwards. Ideal for clinics, hospitals and your smart home.



degrees rotatable



Each sDock comes with a lock cylinder and two keys. This allows the iPad to be reliably secured. Please remember to write down the key number. In case of loss we can send you a spare key. If you need identical keys for a project with several wall mounts please contact us.

90° Rotable.

The sDock iPad wall mount offers the flexibility to align the tablet horizontally or vertically, depending on the apps. Simply insert the iPad and rotate it 90° to find the perfect position for you. The two elegant aluminum blocks at the top and bottom literally hug your iPad and hold it securely and lockably on the wall.

Photo Frame.

The iPad sDock wall mount is more than just a wall mount for the iPad. When the iPad is removed, the mount turns into a beautiful photo frame that you can decorate with your favorite photos or company logo. And the best thing is that after removing the tablet, no loose cables or flush-mounted power supplies are visible. The perfect cable solution.

Smart Design.

Unlike most mounts, the sDock has no ugly brackets, magnets or frames to show once the iPad is removed. The elegant and unique design of the sDock allows it to be easily integrated into any room.

All operating elements are easily accessible..

The sDock wall mount allows easy and convenient access to all controls and the ON/OFF button of the iPad.

sDock explained

Picture Frame

Your favorite photos on the wall

Without an iPad, the sDock is a stylish photo frame. You decide what you see when the iPad is on the move. An attractive way to present your favorite photos or the wall mount with your company logo.

Power Supply for sDock

Power supply with 
USB power adapters 110V/230V

Undoubtedly a compact and powerful flush-mounted power supply. The sCharge 230V USB with an output of 12 watts is available with USB-A to microUSB and Lightning cables. The sCharge fits into a standard European or UK flush-mounting box with a minimum depth of 42mm. This product is not available for the US market.

s24 L

sCharge 12W Lightning®

Flush-mounted power supply unit, 12W with Lightning® connector


Includes 19% VAT
s24 m

sCharge 12W microUSB

Flush-mounted power supply, 12W with micro USB connector


Includes 19% VAT
s48 L

sCharge 20W Lightning®

Flush-mounted power supply unit 230V, 20W with 40cm Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT


PoE adapter for power supply via Ethernet for tablet, iPad & Co.

The charging function of the sDock tablet wall mount can be achieved with a PoE splitter via an Ethernet cable. Simply use our s15 (active splitter) or the s25 (passive splitter) in combination with an additional power injector.

s15 L

sCharge PoE 4856 Lightning®

PoE splitter 40-56V (10W) with Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
s15 m

sCharge PoE 4856 microUSB

PoE splitter 40-56V (10W) with micro USB cable


Includes 19% VAT
s25 L

sCharge PoE 1040 Lightning®

PoE spltter 10-30V (10W) with Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
s25 m

sCharge PoE 1040 microUSB

PoE splitter 10-30V (10W) with micro USB cable


Includes 19% VAT
s26 L

sCharge PoE P+D Lightning®

Power+Data PoE Adapter 12W with 90cm Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
Available Soon
s27 L

sPoE P+D 200 MBit + 30 cm Lightning®

Power+Data PoE Adapter with 30cm Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
Available Soon
s28 L

sCharge PoE FIT L

PoE+ Adapter 22 W, up to 100 MBps, with 40cm Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
Available Soon

sCharge PoE Fit

PoE+ Adapter 22 W, up to 100 MBps


Includes 19% VAT

sDock installation 

What’s in the box?