Manufacturer Guarantee

As a manufacturer / distributor of various products / product groups offered on the market, smart things provides a seller’s guarantee of 2 years.
For end customers starting with the document date of the sale (dealer to consumer) and for commercial customers starting with the date of manufacture.

The guarantee is that smart things will provide your direct customer / buyer with free repair or replacement for all products with defects that are demonstrably based on a material and / or manufacturing defect. Products under the warranty must be used in accordance with their intended purpose and installed and used in accordance with the operating and assembly instructions.

A warranty claim is excluded if the defect is due to external influences, e.g. due to overvoltage. The warranty claim also expires if repairs or tampering with the product has been carried out by persons without authorization from smart things.

A commercial customer entitled to a guarantee will offer the end customer / consumer, within the framework of the guaranteed free replacement of goods, a fee-based service for the removal and reinstallation of the guaranteed product, if this is necessary for the exchange.

The present guarantee is provided in addition to the statutory liability for defects (guarantee) and does not limit these rights or mandatory liability claims.
Warranty services do not extend the warranty or set a new warranty period. There are no further claims from this guarantee.

Processing the guarantee

1. Please contact us by email with details of the item in question, the order date and the serial number of the item (if applicable)
2. After confirmation of the warranty status, we will reply with the correct return form and the assigned RMA number. Note: Do not ship goods for warranty service without an RMA number. Acceptance will be refused and returned to you with postage due.
3. Include the completed RMA form in your package. Follow the RMA form for complete return instructions.
smart things covers the costs of the return transport.

The warranty claim must be made against the respective seller of the product.

The guarantee applies to all smart things products sold to consumers since 01.01.2018 and to all products sold to commercial customers with a manufacturing date from 01/2018. The guarantee can be changed or canceled by smart things at any time with effect for future sales.

German law applies to this guarantee, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).