Elegant flush-mounted power supply for wall mounts.

The sCharge 12W flush-mounted power supply with a USB port is ideal for charging mobile devices mounted on the wall. This solution is perfect for our wall mounts like our sDock and sDock Fix.


The sCharge USB charger delivers 12W fitting in a wall box of only 33mm depth.

The CE approved device can be mounted flush to the wall and the cable can be varied in length by plugging it into the flush mount box. The length of the cable is 30cm. The total output current of the charger is 2.4A at 5V = (+/- 5%). The maximum voltage allowed is 250V∼50/60Hz, 16A.

s24 L

sCharge 12W 

For charging iPhones, iPods and iPads.
Compatible with sDock, sDock Fix and sDock Nano

s24 m

sCharge 12W
USB micro cable

For charging any Android Tablets and Smartphones


s24 C

sCharge 12W
USB-C cable

For charging iPads and Android Tablets with USB-C port. 
Compatible with sDock Fix

In-wall boxes

The sCharge USB together with in-wall boxes is the perfect charging station for your sDock and sDock Fix.

The cable can be varied in length by inserting it into the flush-mounted box.