“sDock nano is the sleekest 
Smartphone Wall Mount”

sDock nano,
the Smartphone Wall Mount with Charging Station.

sDock nano is a lockable Wall Mount for iPhone, Smartphones or small tablets with a sleek – only 11 mm – and compact design for a permanent mounting system. sDock nano is the high-quality solution for a Smartphone Wall Mount with Charging Station and perfect as a room-controller or door-intercom for your smart home.

Mounting sDock nano

The sDock nano Smartphone Wall Mount is sleek as well as compact and features a durable aluminum body. 

sDock nano is the perfect way to install easily your mobile device on a wall and use it as a control UI for many applications such as HVAC, lighting, shades/blinds, security or music on any surface from glass and walls to desks and metal. The phone remains visible and all controls are accessible, blending stylishly into any interior. The suitable flush-mounted power supply sCharge optionally offers an invisible and permanent cable solution. A power supply or a Power+Data supply is available too. 

The Smartphone is protected in the sDock nano thanks to a lock wich provides an anti-theft system when locked. Choose between a real key or a security screw.

sDock nano is maximum flexibility

The design idea behind this product is to give flexibility to users seeking for a mount for phones.

We are open to individual versions for other iPhones, iPod Touches or Android devices. The first series model is the sDock nano foriPhone SE(2020), iPhone 6,7 and 8. It is designed for use any smartphone device in the office to a smart home automation enhancing your business and the user experience.

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For iPod

5th, 6th and 7th generation 
Dimensions: 170 x 78 x 9 mm 
Color: white glossy 

Planned for spring 2021

For Android

e.g. Archos Access 50S
Dimensions: 178 x 84 x 12
Color: aluminium anodized

Rectangular display cut-out
USB micro connector on the top
On-Off-Button an the right side

For iPhone XR

or other mobile devices
Dimensions: 200 x 84 x 10 x 10mm
Color: aluminium black eloxiert


Charging your device in the sDock nano

Charging with 
230V Chargers.

The Smartphone Wall Mount sDock nano has a continuous charging station and can be mounted together with the in-wall chargers 230V sCharge USB. The s24 in-wall chargers deliver 12W and are available with Lightning® cable, USB micro cable and USB C cable. sCharge USB fits in any EU wall-box. This product is not available for the US market.

Charging with
PoE Chargers.

sDock nano can be also powered with PoE Chargers using our new s28 L sCharge PoE FIT. Nevertheless you can integrate either our s15 active splitters  or s25 passive splitters in a “single gang” back box. In addiction you can use our Power Injectors or Power+Data PoE Adapters. 

What is in the Box?