“sDock Fix is the flattest 
Tablet Wall Mount on the market”

sDock Fix,  
Tablet Wall Mount-Charging Station for a permanent installation.

The minimalist design of the sDock Fix, the flattest wall mount with only 12mm, emphasizes the classic look of the Tablet. sDock Fix is the high-quality solution for a lockable and permanent installation, perfect for glass mounting and as a complement to the Tablet table stand sWedge.



mm thin



Each sDock Fix is supplied with a locking system consisting of a lock cylinder plus two keys. This allows the Tablet to be reliably secured. Please remember to make a note of the key number. In case of loss, we can then send you a replacement key.
If you need identical keys for a project with several Tablet wall mounts, please contact us directly before the project. 


The sDock Fix family has received several awards for its purist and functional design.

The Tablet wall mount sDock Fix with charging function adds to the Tablet only one block each right and left . We have deliberately dispensed with a surrounding frame. Less is more.
sDockFix and with it the Tablet lies on the wall, in the wall only the power supplies are installed. Here we have several options that fit into standard flush-mounted boxes.

Modular Design.

The anodized aluminum front and base plates and the high-quality, partially reinforced plastic hold the Tablet firmly to the wall.

Minimalist Design.

The Tablet wall mount sDock Fix adds to the Tablet only one block each on the right and left. We have deliberately dispensed with a surrounding frame. Less is more.

All controls are easily accessible.

sDock Fix has no additional frame on the long sides, so all controls and the power button are easily accessible. A high-quality feature during the charging function of this Tablet wall mount!

After a few years of frustration with poorer iPad Wall Mount designs that led to theft, maintenance-accessibility problems, etc., finding the smart things wall mounts solved all those issues in one fell swoop! The smart-things sDockFix iPad wall mounts, are far superior to any of the other seven mounts I tested – in appearance, security, and accessibility for maintenance. Our twenty or so iPad Pro wall signs have now been working reliably togetherv with the PoE power supplies for the past four years.
Thank-You to smart-things for building such an awesome product!

Brook Falkenstein

University of California, San Diego

sDock Fix explained

Charging the iPad in the sDock Fix

Power supply with 
USB power adapters 110V/230V

The sDock Fix Tablet wall mount has a continuous charging function and the Tablet battery is always safe. Together with the sCharge 230V USB flush-mounted power supply, it is a truly turnkey solution. sCharge delivers 20W and 12W and is available with Lightning®, USB micro and USB-C cable. sCharge fits into any European or British standard gang boxe with a minimal depth of 42mm. This product is not available for the US market.

PoE adapter for power supply. Ethernet for Tablet, iPad & Co.

The charging function of the sDock Fix Tablet wall mount can be equipped with an Ethernet adapter for a fast network connection. sDock Fix can also be operated with sCharge PoE using our new s28-sCharge PoE FIT. Nevertheless, you can integrate either our s15 active splitters or s25 passive splitters into a “single gang” backbox. Additionally you can use our Power Injectors or Power+Data PoE adapters.

s15 m

sCharge PoE 4856 microUSB

PoE splitter 40-56V (10W) with micro USB cable


Includes 19% VAT
s15 L

sCharge PoE 4856 Lightning®

PoE splitter 40-56V (10W) with Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT
s25 m

sCharge PoE 1040 microUSB

PoE splitter 10-30V (10W) with micro USB cable


Includes 19% VAT
s25 L

sCharge PoE 1040 Lightning®

PoE spltter 10-30V (10W) with Lightning® cable


Includes 19% VAT

sDock Fix installation 

sDock Fix mounting on a glass wall

Planning is everything.

Tablets together with our sDock Fix are very often used in front of meeting rooms. The mounting of the Tablet wall mount on glass walls and the charging function with hidden cables requires some planning.


sDock Fix can be very easily glued to the glass wall. For this purpose, we offer a glass mounting kit consisting of: 3M VHB adhesive tape, cleaning cloths and a frosted folle for the back of the glass.

Power Supply.

With many glass walls, the necessary USB cable can be routed in a post and a 230V USB power supply or PoE splitter can be placed in the ceiling. For both variants we have correspondingly long cables and suitable power supplies. Even a data connection (Power over Ethernet) is possible.

Post protrusion > 10mm

sDock Fix is glued to the glass pane and the cable can be inserted into the side of the mullion if the mullion profile allows it.

Post protrusion < 10mm

sDock Fix is screwed in advance with an additional plate and the power supply cable can be inserted into the post from the front.


Tablet table stand for sDock Fix wall mount. 

sWedge is a complement to the sDock Fix wall mount that places the Tablet at a 15-30 degree angle to the table surface or wall. sWedge is ideal for POS systems, restaurants or trade shows.

sW30 sWedge mini
Table-stand in 30° angle 

sW30 sWedge mini
Wall-mount in 30° angle 

sW15 sWedge A10″
Table-stand in 15° angle 

sW15 sWedge A10″
Wall-mount in 15° Winkel

The enclosed space under the Tablet can be well used for an original Apple iPad/Tablet 230V USB power supply or a PoE adapter for power/data supply.
sWedge can be equipped with non-slip or sliding feet depending on the use. It can be screwed on a table surface in a fixed or rotating way.


sWedge sDock Fix

Wall/Desk Console for s32 + s33 + s34 + s42 sDock Fix


Includes 19% VAT

sWedge sDock Fix mini

Wall/Desk Console for s09 + s31 sDock Fix mini


Includes 19% VAT

What’s in the box?