Besides many private users, sDocks are very often used by companies in a professional scenario.
Here we show some examples how companies are using the sDocks. 
Why don’t you email us a photo where the sDocks look stunning in your home or office?

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Conference Room Management

Mozilla , known by its Browser Firefox uses more than 250 sDocks for its scheduling of the meeting rooms worldwide with the nice app EventBoard. Here are some pictures of their new Berlin location

Schindler Headquarter
Room Management

The Swiss manufacturer of elevators and escalators uses our wall mounts to manage its meeting rooms in its new headquarter in Ebikon, Switzerland. The design-oriented company uses 50 sDockFix and partly our s24L power supply. Unusual is the portrait format

NTT Switzerland
Digital workplace
by Studio Banana

The interior designers of Studio Banana did a great job for NTT Switzerland. With glass walls you always have the question: how does it look from behind? They used the back plate to place some information on famous computer pioneers like Tim Berners Lee, Ada Lovelace and others.
Photography: Rubén P. Bescos for STUDIO BANANA.

Vismara Marine
Sailing Yacht Control

Vismara Marine, based in Viareggio, Italy, manufacturer of gorgeous sailing yachts uses sDocks. Vismara marine integrates sDock Pro in the navigation panel of the yachts

Health Care
sDocks for medicare

The use of iPad and sDocks in the medicare system provides a higher level of flexibility for tasks such as entering the medical history of a newly admitted patient. This kind of installation allows the medical staff to know exactly where the clinical iPad workstation is located at all times

Building Automation

bControl, a subsidiary of TQ group, use iPads and sDocks as walloriented frontends for visualization and building automation

Lytro, California
Control system in the light field photography museum Tokyo

Lytro Inc.  Mountain View, California, USA, produces  plenoptic cameras. For their light field photography museum in Tokyo they use iPads and sDocks to show the possibilities of their fantastic soft- and hardware to manipulate pictures after shooting

Harry’s Restaurants
Music with Spotify

Harry’s the famous swedish restaurant chain uses sDocks for integrating iPads in their rooms in more than 50 restaurants.  With Spotify Harry’s can play licensed music to their clients

Control Interface

ABB uses iPads to visualize, to manage and to control electrical installations in their demonstration and training rooms

sDocks for hospitality

The introduction of iPads and wall mounts in Hotels offers a unique versatility and a modern experience allowing a better connection between customers and staff. The sDocks wall mounts can implement the use of the iPads in a range of services including check-in, smart room control and housekeeping requests

Control system

Fritzmeier, european market leader for cabin construction, developed a control system based on a tablet. With this system the vehicle driver can adjust and operate all functions comfortable and safe out of the cabin

Deutsche Telekom
Trade Fair

German Telekom used sDocks on their booth at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover. The locking capability and invisible power supply were important

Reception Desk

Cancom – a large independent IT system house in Europe – uses iPads and sDocks as registration counter in their very modern facility in Augsburg-Scheppach, Germany

sDocks for learning

Technology in education has evolved and today is expanding to include e-Learning on iPads. sDocks wall mount can help in implementing this hugely versatile tool when it comes to educating and entertaining children.

sDock Car Integration

BINZ Ambulance- und Umwelttechnik GmbH is one of the leading special-vehicle manufacturers in Germany. Their product range reaches from ambulances, fire-fighting and police vehicles to field hospitals. iPads could be used for entertainment, patient data etc. BINZ showed sDocks at trade fair RETTmobil in Fulda

Energy Management

Home Automation

With the waterhouses as part of the International Building Exhibition 2013 in Hamburg the form art built 34 apartments in passive house standard. The intelligent building management allows the residents to control and manage their energy consumption individually via iPad. With the sDocks all iPads have a defined place and a professional power supply from the back

sDocks at home

With the iPad you can manage your smart house and the sDocks wall mounts can integrate the control guaranteeing a flexible and design solution. The iPad can be locked and protected in the wall mount and charged using our sChargers

Frankfurt Active City House
Home Automation

This building produces more energy than it will consume!  The Frankfurt based ABG, realizes an apartment building in Frankfurt Gutleut quarter with 75 units. Every resident will be able to check the energy management of the building. sDocks and sCharge inwall power supplies will be used for a perfect integration in the building

Medical Care

ZUMTOBEL showed the sDock integrated in a light- and supply system for healthcare at Light + Building fair in Frankfurt

Fair and Trade
sDocks on the road

iPads have become the top solution to attract more visitors and consumers to a booth a trade show and for keeping them engaged. Using sDocks wall mounts a company can display new products in an impressive and stylish way and personalize the interaction with the guests

Room Management

denkform a IT business consultancy in Hofheim near Frankfurt, Germany uses sDock pro as information and room management solution on a filemaker basis in their training rooms

Hospital Equipment

TRUMPF Med integrated sDock in their Truport supply unit and showed it on their booth at MEDICA. The sDock was used to play acoustic media content through an embedded speaker system

Intelligent building technology

Light control with Gira  HomeServer / FacilityServer App, Gira Interface in church of Schorndorf
Implemantation by Schlotz GmbH

Heating Control

One possible control device for the intelligent heating control system of alphaEOS is an iPad. maximizes the comfort of your home, minimizes your energy costs, and helps protect the environment

sDocks in the workplace

iPads are often used in corporate offices for room management, digital signage or calendar scheduling. The sDocks wall mounts provide a way to mount and display the iPad on a wall or glass-wall door keeping it charged and protected. 

Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association

CEDIA installed sDocks in their 5 trainingrooms.

Home Automation

Installation with 55 iPad Air for Home Automation in an office building in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by ITZONE