Exclusive Wall Mounts
for Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod.


Using the device on a table or on the wall 


Charging via 230V
or PoE


Securing the device
against theft

The flattest
iPad Wall Mount
with Charging Station

sDock Fix

The Wall Mount sDock Fix is the right one if the iPad needs to be permanently installed on the wall.
It is super flat – only 12mm thin – and lockable. Together with partially customized power supplies, the sDock Fix is the perfect solution also for a glass mounting.

The Smartphone
Wall Mount
with Charging Station

sDock nano

sDock nano is the elegant wall mount for permanent installations of Smartphones, iPod Touches and iPhones.
Applications: room controller or door intercom for a smart home, time recording terminal for companies and hospitals and more.

The German/American company MEDIFOX DAN has already deployed the sDock nano in more than 500 nursing homes throughout Germany. Read more here

Client References
& Use Cases

In addition to many uses in private households, our Wall Mounts and Power Supplies are also very often used in companies. We have worked with different clients on projects where our products and support has been visible and recognized.
Here you can find out about the success stories and user reports. 


We can help you.

If none of our products are exactly what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We help you to turn your product idea into a serial product.

We get support from our development partners:

We develop our products together with ergon3 Design, an excellent office for industrial design in Munich.
The renowned design agency specializes in technical design.
From cell phones to the subway.

Electronical engineering
Our partner company TQ group contributes competence in electronics development and production. TQ is very successful in all sectors of embedded electronics like  automation, robotics, transportation, ioT / industry 4.0, medical technology, smart electric drives and more.

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