>> SAP uses 15.000 iPads.
>> Korea Telecom ordered 32.000 iPads for their employees.
>> The US Airforce has 18.000 iPads in use.
>> Did you know, that employees who use their own mobile devices also for the company work more?

The news magazine Forbes lists continuously iPads deliveries to companies and schools. Very interesting! iPad Rollouts - Forbes Chart


>> Use the sDock with iPad for home automation: control and use electricity, heating, light and more.
>> You can follow your favorite recipes comfortable, watch movies, charge batteries or stream wireless music to your boxes.

 >> The sDock is a classy clip-on picture frame when your iPad is on the road. Both in portrait and landscape format.

Fair and trade

>> You can do product presentations via iPad right at your trade fair stand. Without cable tangle - but with charged battery.

>> Thief-proof functionality. sDock protects your iPad from pilferers.

>> With our wall and desk adapter sWedge the mounting options of sDocks are even bigger. This is especially interesting for booth builders and exhibition designers.  


>> You can watch via iPad from your room of the Bernese five-star hotel directly to the head chef while cooking.
>> The guests can take an order with an iPad at the Bellevue Palace, the casino restaurant "Falstaff" in Bregenz, at "La Baracca" in Hamburg and on the ships of AIDA .

>> At the Tapas bar "Global Mundo" in Sydney the guests can even directly rate their dishes.

Health care

>> The market for medical apps in the healthcare industry is predicted to top $400 million by 2016.

>> More and more iPads are used in hospitals, health care facilities and private practices.


>> Often the satchel weighs 38% of the own body weight of 10 - 12 year-old children.
>> Paducation (mobile learning with the iPad) is well recieved and often used at participating schools like KKG Hamburg, Kaiserin Augusta Schule Köln.

>> In South Korea all books for elementary school students will be available on tablets, notebooks or smartphones starting from 2014.