Docking station
for mobile iPad use cases.

The sDock is the ideal wall mount if you want to have
your iPad mounted at the wall from time to time
but use it also on the go. The wall mount is then not a
clumsy bracket but a nice picture frame! :)


"... maybe the smartest wall mount for iPads"

The iPad can be put in and taken out easily.

The sDock can be turned by 90º to the left. All controls of the iPad remain accessible.





In combination with our inwall charger the sDock is the perfect charging station for all compatible iPads, iPhones, iPods!


Be creative !



The sDock Family.

s08  sDock mini

for iPad mini 1,2,3
(iPhone 5, iPod Touch

A new version of iPad mini 4
will probably be available in October.

EAN/UPC4260258610086 (silver)
4260258612080 (black)
measures248 x 120 x 20 mm (HxWxD)
378 x 134 x 33 mm (with packaging)
weight500 g (only sDock)
800 g with packaging + accessories

s10  sDock Air

for iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad 2017
iPad mini, iPad Pro 9,7"
(iPhone 5, iPod Touch)

EAN/UPC4260258610109 (silver)
4260258612103 (black)
measures120 x 290 x 20 mm (H x W X D)
186 x 290 x 33 mm (with packaging)
weight580 g (only sDock)
900 g with packaging + accessories

s12  sDock Pro

for iPad Pro 12,9"

EAN/UPC4260258610123 (silver)
4260258612127 (black)
measures353 x 120 x 20 mm (HxWxD)
378 x 134 x 33 mm (with Packaging)
weigth700 g (only sDock)
1000 g with Packaging + accessories

Simple Installation


USB or PoE

sDock is really a turnkey solution together with the inwall charger sCharge USB. It fits in any EU or British standard gangbox.
But you can power your sDock also with other chargers or with Power over Ethernet.

Overview of chargers



all sDocks

containsUSB cable 1,50m (USB micro > USB A)
key lock with 2 keys
mounting disc for pivotable mounting
user manual and instruction sheet
mounting material
No power supply.
approvalsCE mark
FCC (EMC, FCC part 15 subpart b)
Front and back made of anodized aluminum, all other parts of high-quality partly reinforced plastics.
RoHS compliant. WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 64398562.
suppliessChargeInwall Power supply
for standard inwall boxes
--> sCharge
features lockable
• pivotable by 90 degrees to the left
• looks stylish even without the iPad!
• all controls of the iPad remain accessible.
• an inwall power supply is possible through the rotation axis. see the options

connector blocksConnector blocks are part of the package for sDock mini, sDock Air and sDock Pro (products later than Sept. 2016) With these blocks sDocks can be easily modified. The standard electronics can be replaced by special holders for a lightning cable or a Apple HDMI Adapter.

1                                      2                                  3

1   standard sDock electronic
2   9 pin connector for Lightning cable
3   HDMI connector block for HDMI adapter