sDock Air

Wallmount for iPad 4,
iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Pro 9.7 inch
Docking station.
Picture frame.
All in one.

sDock with iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone
sDock picture change
Laser engraving
for iPad with Lightning Connector (iPad 4, iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Pro 9.7 inch)

In the office, at trade fairs, in the hotel or in public places
your iPad is protected from thieves with sLock.

The sDock can be mounted quickly and easily. You can mount
it to the wall as portrait or landscape format or pivotable.
All controls remain easily accessible.

Docking station

sDock can hold and charge Your iPad, iPad mini or iPhone.

Without any visible cables you can power your sDock by sCharge,
our inwall power supply especially for sDocks.

Picture frame
By selecting the picture for your clip-on photo frame you
determine the look of your sDock when the iPad is not there.
Matching your home. Matching your office. A perfect match for you.

Personalize your sDock!

What about laser engraving for a very special look
of your sDock? Contact us, together we can find a
way to bring your idea to reality.

sDock Air with Lightning Connector

features• lockable
• pivotable by 90 degrees to the left
• looks stylish even without the iPad!
• all controls of the iPad remain accessible.
• an inwall power supply is possible through the rotation axis. see the options
contains USB cable 1,50m (USB micro > USB A)
key lock with 2 keys
mounting disc for pivotable mounting
user manual and instruction sheet
mounting material
No power supply.
approvalsTÜV type approved (IEC 60950)
CE certification (EMC)


Front made of anodized aluminum, all other parts of high-quality partly reinforced plastics.
RoHS compliant. WEEE not applicable. 
measures120 x 290 x 24 mm (without iPad)
186 x 290 x 24 mm (with iPad)
weight580 g
900 g with packaging and accessories

Inwall Power supply
for standard inwall boxes
--> sCharge

sDock Air is identical in construction to
sDock pro 2 (EAN/UPC 4260258610031)

sDock Air is compatible to:

full functional rangeiPad 4, iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Pro 9.7 inch
not pivotable,
not lockable
iPad mini 1, 2 and 3
iPhone 5
sChargeInwall Power supply
for standard inwall boxes
--> sCharge
sDock compatibility

download all information here:

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sDock Air with iPad
sDock Air with iPad
sDock Air without iPad
sDock Air without iPad
sDock Air with iPad mini
sDock Air with iPad mini

sDock features
inserting iPad mini / iPhone
picture exchange
inserting / removing iPad
sDock pro 2 is now called sDock Air.
sDock pro 2 and sDock Air are identically constructed.
Only the name changed.
Is sDock pro compatible with any cases, covers?
sDock pro is compatible with the iPad Smart Cover, in our opinion one of the most brilliant products of the last years. We leave the iPad with his fantastic design very purely and thinly. The aluminium at the back needs no protection, only the display.
Can occur scratches at the iPad housing by inserting into the sDock pro?
No, don´t worry. The iPad slides over  the Plexiglass surface of the picture frame. The iPad housing is much stronger than the scratch-resistant acrylic glass. We use prototypes for over a year now and there are neither marks or scratches on the Plexiglass nor on the iPads backside. But note: Please, never insert an iPad without the acrylic surface in the photoframe! Then grinds aluminum on aluminium :(
Won't the plexiglass surface be scratched very fast?
Will the springs of the photoframe restist the permanent use?

No, we use scratch-resistant acrylic glass.
We tested the springs in an endurance testing.
Why are USB micro Slots in sDock instead of USB A?
We decided for USB micro because it´s smaller an stronger than USB A. It is recommended as a standard for mobile devices from the EU. The delivered cable (1,5m) joins micro USB with USB A. So it fits in the Original Apple power-supply.
How many degrees can the sDock rotate?
You can rotate sDock 90 degrees against clockwise into landscape. Then the home button is on the right hand side; all control elements stay always accessible.
How can I change a photo?
How is the Plexiglass surface attached?
The Plexiglass is fixated at the upper and lower edge by rubber lips. You can press the Plexiglass panel out with two "little levers" at the backside of the photo frame.
Is there a sDock mini for iPad mini?
Not yet. But we will develop it ;) You can use sDock Air.
Is there an approved inwall power supply for the iPad?
sCharge is the suitable inwall power supply for iPads.
Is the inwall power supply sCharge compatible to sDock pro or only to sDock Air?
Our sCharge can be used with both sDocks and with most common inwall gang box.