“sDock is a Wall Mount,
the looks nice even without an iPad” 




iPad Wall Mount for a Mobile Mounting System.

Our sDock wall mount is ideal if you want to have your iPad mounted at the wall from time to time but use it also on the go. When you put your iPad in the sDock wall mount, it can be rotated 90° and if necessary you can also lock it.


Easily Removable.

To insert the iPad into the sDock, push the spring-loaded photo frame with the tablet backwards, slide the upper aluminum block upwards and insert the iPad onto the Lightning® connector located in the lower block. Done!

90° pivotable.

The sDock can be rotated 90 degrees on the supplied mounting disk. The cable from the flush-mounted power supply unit runs exactly through the axis of rotation. However, sDock can also be mounted non-pivotable, horizontally or vertically, fixed to the wall. All control elements of the iPad are easily accessible in portrait or landscape format.

Eye Catcher.

Without iPad, the sDock is a classy photo changing frame. So you decide for yourself what you look at when the iPad is not inserted in the sDock holder.


The iPad is protected in the sDock thanks to a lock wich provides an anti-theft system when locked.

Charging Station.

In combination with our power supplies 230V or via PoE, the sDock is an excellent charging station for all compatible devices with Lightning® connector.

sDock explained…

Be creative!

When your iPad is on the road, sDock turns into a premium picture frame.

The middle part of the sDock is an elegant picture frame with acrylic cover. The mobile iPad mounting system allows to insert promotional business information or your favorite photos.

Charging the iPad in the sDock

Charging with 
230V Chargers.

sDock has a continuous charging station feature and the iPad battery is alway safe. It is really a turnkey solution together with the in-wall chargers 230V sCharge USB. The s24 in-wall chargers deliver 12W and are available with Lightning® cable, USB micro cable and USB C cable. sCharge USB fits in any EU wall-box. This product is not available for the US market.

Charging with
PoE Chargers.

sDock wall mount can be equipped with an Ethernet adapter for a fast network connection. POE splitters are not very small. Nevertheless you can integrate either our s15 active splitters or s25 passive splitters in a “single gang” back box. In addiction you can use our Power Injectors or Power+Data PoE Adapters.

sDock Fix-Installation 

What is in the Box?