Adapter cable for sDock and sDock Fix, Adhesive set etc.

sXX-01  USB-A to Lightning

Connect the 230V power supply to the sDock / sDock Fix or an iOS device.

sXX-02  USB-A to microUSB

Connect e.g. an Android tablet with a charger with a micro USB plug

sXX-08  USB-A to USB-C

Connect your iPad Pro 11" or/ 12.9" with a USB charger

sXX-03  DC 1.35 to Lightning

Connect your iPad with a PoE power supply with a 1.35 mm plug

sXX-07  DC 1.35 to mircoUSB

Connect the PoE power supply to the sDock (1st generation) or an Android Tablet.

sXX-09  DC 1.35 auf USB-C

Verbinde ein iPad Pro 11" oder 12,9" mit einem PoE Splitter mit 1.35 mm Stecker.

sXX-04  DC 1.35 to Lightning

Connect your iPad in the sDock / sDock Fix with this 3m (15ft) long cable to a PoE power supply  with a 1.35mm DC plug.
e.g. for glass mounting and cable routing in a post.

sK01  Adhesive set

For mounting an sDock on a smooth surface, e.g. glass.
Contents: Instructions, 3m VHB adhesive tape and cleaning cloths.