Docking Station for permanent iPad installations. 

sDock Fix is a minimalistic wall mount for permanent iPad installations.
With its 12mm thickness it is one of the slimmest solutions on the market.
Securing with a real lock!

sDock Fix – Wall Mount for permanent iPad Installations.

sDock Fix is the slimmest wall mount on the market, only 12 mm thin.
In the office, at trade fairs, in the hotel or in public places your iPad is protected from thieves with sLock. The sDock Fix can be mounted quickly and easily to the wall in portrait or landscape format. All controls remain easily accessible.

sDock Fix is available in three sizes and soon also for the iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" with USB C connector.

Installation with 230V power supply in a european wall box

Now with the new sCharge 12V in a single box to install.

Installation with PoE power supply in a single gang box

To mount the sDock Fix on glass walls in offices you can use tape. VHB tape from 3M is highly recommended. A frosted foil for the backside of the glass is part of every sDock Fix package. A power supply (PoE splitter) can be placed in the ceiling and the power cable can be installed in the pole. For this purpose we deliver an extra 3m long PoE  cable.


s09 sDock Fix mini

for iPad mini 4 +5

s11 sDock Fix Air

iPad 2018 + iPad 2017, iPad Pro 9.7",
iPad Air 1 and 2

s13 sDock Fix Pro

for iPad 12,9" , 1st + 2nd generation

EAN/UPC4260258610093 (silver)
4260258612097 (black)
measures261 x 135 x 12 mm (HxWxD)
273 x 146 x 20 mm (with packaging)
weight260 g (only sDock)
500 g with packaging + accessories
downloadsfact sheet
EAN/UPC4260258610116 (silver)
4260258612110 (black)
measures298 x 170 x 12 mm (H x W X D)
310 x 182 x 20 mm (with packaging)
weight380 g (only sDock)
700 g with packaging + accessories
downloadsfact sheet
EAN/UPC4260258610130 (silver)
4260258612134 (black)
measures364 x 221 x 12 mm (HxWxD)
376 x 233 x 20 mm (with Packaging)
weigth550 g (only sDock)
1000 g with Packaging + accessories
downloadsfact sheet



sDock Fix
for the new USB-C iPads


The new sDock Fix for the new iPad Pro
with a very narrow edge only covers the
iPad by 1.5mm. All sensors and the
camera are completely free.



s33  sDock Fix A11"

11" iPad Pro  (2018, with USB-C)

s34  sDock Fix A12.9"

12.9" iPad Pro  (2018, mit USB-C)
3rd generation

Available by end of July 2019


EAN/UPC4260258610338 (silver)
4260258612332 (black)
measures308 x 178 x 12 mm (H x W x D)
317 x 191 x 20 mm (with packaging)
weight400 g (only sDock)
700 g with packaging + accessories
downloadsfact sheet
EAN/UPC4260258610345 (silver)
4260258612349 (black)
measures340 x 215 x 12 mm (HxWxD)
352 x 226 x 20 mm (with Packaging)
weight500 g (only sDock)
900 g with Packaging + accessories
downloadsfact sheet


USB or PoE

sDock Fix is really a turnkey solution together with the inwall charger sCharge USB. It fits in any EU or British standard gangbox.
But you can power your sDock Fix also with other chargers or with Power over Ethernet.

Overview of chargers