Mount for Phones
and small Tablets 

Sleek Design, lockable, available with in-wall power supply


s30  sDock nano


Wall mount for Phones or small tablets. Tailored made. Very sleek and compact. Lockable.
Can be mounted on top of every one gang wall box.
Mains power and PoE power supplies are available.
An iPodTouch plus a sDock nano is ideal as room controller or door intercom.

sDock nano is still a design study /prototype.
Tell us for which iPhone, iPodTouch or Tablet you would need such a desk or wall mount.
To start a small serie we will need a certain minimal order quantity.
Contact us at:

for iPod Touch

5th, 6th and 7th generation
Dimensions 170 x 78 x 9 mm
Color white glossy


Available in spring 2020

for Android Phone

e.g. Archos Access 50S
Dimensions 178 x 84 x 12
Aluminium anodized

rectangular display cut-out
USB micro connector on the top
On-Off-Button an the right side

für iPhone XR

oder andere iPhones
Größe 200 x 84 x 10 x 10mm
Aluminium schwarz eloxiert