for mobile iPad use

s08.4  sDock mini 4

for iPad mini 4 + 5

s10  sDock Air

for iPad Air 1 + 2, iPad Pro 9.7", iPad (2017), iPad (2018)

s12  sDock Pro

for iPad Pro 12.9"
1st and 2nd generation (Lightning)

2nd Generation
Instead of a pcb only a cable is integrated in the sDock basis. This brings flexibility for different power supplies.

s18  sDock mini 4

2nd generation

for iPad mini 4 + 5

s20  sDock Air

2nd generation

for iPad Air 1 + 2, iPad Pro 9.7", iPad (2017), iPad (2018)

s22 sDock Pro

2nd generation

for iPad Pro 12,9"
1st and 2nd generation (Lightning)

s21  sDock A10

for iPad 10.2" (2019), iPad Air 10.5"(2019), iPad Pro 10.5" (2017)

sDock Fix


for permanent
iPad installations 


Lightning Connector


s09  sDock Fix mini

for iPad mini 4 + 5

s11  sDock Fix Air

for iPad Air 1+ 2, iPad Pro 9.7"
iPad 2017 + 2018

s13  sDock Fix Pro

for iPad Pro 12.9"
1st + 2nd generation


for s09 sDock Fix mini
and s32 sDock Fix A10"

s32  sDock Fix A10

for iPad 10.2 (2019), iPad Air 10.5" (2019), iPad Pro 10.5" (2017)

USB-C Connector

s33  sDock Fix A11"

for iPad Pro 11"

s34  sDock Fix A12.9"

for iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd generation)

In fall 2018 the sDock Fix serie won the prestigeous German Design Award for its functional and timeless design.  

CE Pro, along with sister publications Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions, worked with a team of judges to rate the top products and services in six residential and 18 commercial categories. The sDock Fix series won the 2019 Top New Technology Award for its functional Design as the only product in the category "Accessories".  

Which mount do I need for my iPad?

How to Identify your iPad Model?

Go to Settings > General > Info. Click the line "Model number" to get the A-model number.
Watch the video on YouTube!

sDock nano

Mount for Phones
and small Tablets


s30  sDock nano

iPhone 6, 7, 8

s30  sDock nano

iPhone 6, 7, 8


"By far" the best
inductive charger

s35  sDot

for all QI compatible smartphones

sDot inductive charger is designed for easy integration. It can easily be attached underneath any countertop or existing furniture. No drilling, no holes! sDot charges through 25 - 35 mm thick table tops!
Installation in 2 minutes.

sDot is designed as the perfect solution for hotels, restaurants and offices.
Available in fall 2019.


Power Supplies

sCharge USB

230V in-wall chargers

s24 L  sCharge 12W

+ Lightning cable
> sDocks + sDock Fix

s24 m  sCharge 12W

+ USB micro cable
> Android tablets

s24 C  sCharge 12W 

+ USB C cable
> iPad Pro 2018 in Dock Fix
and sDock

sCharge PoE


s26 L  sCharge  Power + Data

Splitter for Power over Ethernet
with Apple Lightning Connector

 Ethernet on your iPad !
 Power supply plus data connection with one cable.


Active Splitters

Splitter for voltages from 44-56V
IEEE.802.3af compliant

s15 L  sCharge PoE

active Splitter for Power over Ethernet
with Apple Lightning connector

s15 m  sCharge PoE

active Splitter for Power over Ethernet
with USB micro

s15 C  sCharge PoE 

active Splitter for Power over Ethernet
with USB C

Passive Splitters

Splitters for voltages from 10-40V
An additional injector is needed.

s25 L  sCharge PoE

+ Lightning cable
> iPads in sDock Fix and sDock

s25 m  sCharge PoE

+ USB micro cable
> Android tablets

s25 C  sCharge PoE 

+ USB C cable
> iPad Pro 2018 in sDock Fix
and sDocks


power input in Ethernet


sCharge PoE Injector
1 port


sCharge PoE Injector
8 ports

smart Energy Management

sEM 210 
smart Energy Manager

full integrated Smart Meter